Adrienne-SilcockCOVERMy poetry pamphlet Taking Responsibility for the Moon  is now for sale (price £5), either by contacting myself or through Teesside publisher Mudfog, who recently celebrated their twentieth birthday. Many congratulations to them and their support of emerging poets over the years!

This is travel writing at its most profound. Through a deeply felt response to the places she has visited, and from the myths, stories and art that have sprung from them, Adrienne Silcock asks how separable we really are from the landscapes that shape our lives.”

                                                                poet, Mandy Sutter.

The Fibonacci Sequence

My poetry pamphlet The Fibonacci Sequence, where light, dark and shadow, wends a journey through the mathematics of the Golden Section, where words build up into cameos of human life, studying themes of place and otherness. Crafted to the numbers of the sequence, the forms of the poems range from a single word to a ten-line rondeau, through to free verse and a sonnet, the ultimate example, according to some poets, of the Golden Ratio….

Fibonacci Sequence Cover

To buy a copy at £3.50 to include P&P, please click the Paypal button below.

Flight Path, a pamphlet of poetry and prose poems, reflects  stories whilst travelling, dwelling both on the issues of world peace as well as delight at the author’s surroundings and an exploration of exile, conquest and history…

Currently unavailable for copyright reasons.

Adrienne’s poetry has been published in various anthologies and magazines such as Prole, Dreamcatcher, Other Poetry, Psychopoetica and Miracles and Clockwork (www.otherpoetry.com). She was involved in the Voices of Women performance poetry project in conjunction with Wicked Words Poetry, Leeds.

She also took part in an exciting collaboration between Mudfog Press , Mima gallery, and the Tees Valley Writers and Publishers Project Ink on Paper  where writers were invited to respond to works from mima’s collection of modern art. Her poem Jane features in the resulting anthology.