Help! The sky’s changed colour!

Yes, shades of grey (literarily speaking?) seem to have left the sky and now it’s wall to wall blue – at least for the time being! Good moment to post my latest novel The Kiss on to the authonomy site, methinks.

A chance meeting on holiday followed by a second coincidence ensnares two couples into deceit, blackmail, lost love and a desperate search for identity.

 A girl on holiday with her partner offers to take a photograph for another couple against the backdrop of the complex and ambiguous statue El Beso – the Kiss. Seemingly, both couples are deeply in love. But trouble bubbles beneath the surface. Neither couple expects to meet the other again, but when Rick is handed the brief on an alleged fraud case, he steps into a complex entanglement of game-playing, deceit and blackmail, where love goes astray. He struggles to discover his true identity at the risk of losing his girlfriend and jeopardising his career, while Tom exploits Rick’s love. All four of them must find a way through.

Do have a look, if you get a chance!


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