Are Arts Alive?

Oh, well, here I am strutting my stuff at the Drill Hall on a wet Saturday afternoon in November. Lincoln Inspired are trying to raise some money to fund a Literature Festival in Lincoln next year. No money for arts round here, surprise, surprise. Lucky for me, I’m used to being poor…one of these days I’ll start gambling on the stock exchange, and maybe I’ll get rich…. Lincoln Inspired can be found around town or on facebook for anyone interested (in literature festivals – not, I think, in gambling).

Saw the wonderful Tina May at the Drill Hall on Friday night. Not a packed hall, but then I’m sure Friday night TV is a much bigger draw… I, for one, voted with my feet and went to the live act… glad, by the way, they did away with the need for a music license last month…let’s all enrich our lives that way instead!

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