Bully in the bagging area…

I’m just wondering if anyone else has suffered disagreements with the little men and women that live inside the machines at the self check-outs in supermarkets? …Come to think of it, I have only ever heard a woman’s voice…is that because ‘she’ is supposed to be calm and non-threatening and helpful, or because she reminds us of our mothers, mother-in-law or wife, any female in fact from whom we have been on the receiving end of a badgering that generally gets us to do things that we may be reluctant to do…at least reluctant to do as quickly as they would like. Like putting your bag in the bagging area, or scanning your first item. There are times when I feel positively bullied (is that really because I am an ineffectual wimp?). PLEASE SCAN YOUR FIRST ITEM. Yes, you told me that a second ago, and I’m still trying to find the bar code and the label seems to be crumpled and I have to straighten it out before the machine can read it, you stupid woman, and… PLEASE SCAN YOUR FIRST ITEM. And because I took one of my gloves off to better straighten the label, there is now UNEXPECTED ITEM IN BAGGING AREA PLEASE WAIT FOR ASSISTANCE. Thank goodness for the exceptionally nice and humorous (male) check-out assistant in Morrisons today who stood up to the little Hitler inside the machine and poked fun at her. She didn’t utter a word afterwards until PLEASE TAKE YOUR ITEMS, which admittedly she did have to repeat… I was just trying to put my gloves on first…

One thought on “Bully in the bagging area…”

  1. Arn’t women brilliant!!! All the women I know or have known. My Mother ,my Sister , my Auntie, my Wifey , every single one except the collective self checkout ladies.

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