Lincoln notes…

One of those wonderful winter days when white frost sparkles upon branches and hedgerows against a clear blue sky. Even the spires of the Cathedral have a Christmassy rime to them. Who says winter’s dreary? The birds are out in force – it hasn’t taken them long to spot the sugar-free muesli which we have soaked and put out for them – we bought the stuff over a year ago in Greece and haven’t managed to eat it for some reason, and now it’s well past its use-by date! I hate waste, so glad there are blackbirds, hedge-sparrows, robins and a rather plump pigeon to take advantage of it.

Just finished drafting my latest novel. A few edits to go, synopsis and pitch to perfect, then it’s off out into the dark and mysterious woods of publishing…let’s hope there’s a little bit of hoarfrost on the branches to enjoy…

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