Shopping and F***ing and a great deal more from Mark Ravenhill….

Great night at Lincolnshire Performing Arts Centre last night, beginning with a conversation with Mark Ravenhill – he was meant to be there in person, but hey, the snow got in the way, so the audience had to make do with a skype conversation. The wonders of technology! Privilege to hear what the guy had to say though, and then to watch a performance of Shopping and F***ing (as was so genteelly printed on the tickets). Post Thatcher, anti-individualism, gay rights, getting to grips with what really matters, this is a play that hit all the right spots then and still does sadly (as Ravenhill himself said) . Pacy, shocking and not a comfortable watch, but certainly did last night what theatre at its best is meant to do – sent the audience away discussing, reflecting, asking questions and inspired….

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