Mourning Van….

Yesterday we suffered a sad loss. Our dear friend, Van, has gone. I’m afraid we didn’t liberate him to that heavenly scrap heap in the sky but instead, sold him into further slavery…I’m just hoping that his new owners will take as much care of him and love him as much as we have done. Just look at him, a couple of years ago…in the mountains in Springtime near Sospel, France….

climbing-Col-de-Belhomme-007[1]…the sun shining, Almond blossom on the trees…

I’m not sure that it’s altogether healthy to endow an inanimate, mostly metal object with personality or gender, but either way the van did us proud and a picnic in a Ford Fiesta doesn’t quite have the same ring to it somehow. Nevertheless, it’s onwards and upwards as they say, and a change in the wind always does somebody some good…and so the adventure continues…without Van.

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