Here I come crawling out of the woodwork…

It seems like a long time since I posted in my blog. That’s because it is. September, in fact. And here I come, like an annoying little furniture beetle, crawling out of the woodworm, just when you thought I’d disappeared for good (or nearly, at any rate….).

I have a good excuse, or at least I think I do. I’ve moved house, started a full-time job, and had a virus, which wasn’t so much a kiss of death, but a long entanglement with a man-size slug in the back row of a cinema showing  a horror movie  with full cinematic experience and special effects.

Moved house, you might say. Very nice. Yes, it is, actually….well, it would be, if…and here I must pause. Because there really is a tale to tell. But it might need to wait a day or two….due to The Job.

And “The Job?”, I hear you ask. Ah. Yes. Ahem.  It seems to me that these days there are two ways for a writer to go. Marketing Mad – Facebook, Twitter, Marsocial, Tumblr, and an infinite count of other social media sites, in which case all day is spent marketing, and creative writing becomes a dream that might have happened once in the misty mountains of the past. Or The Day Job. Which at least provides a few pennies to buy some food…oh, and some of that very dear commodity called Electricity for which the energy companies seem to be most adept at providing at exorbitant cost. The trouble with Day Jobs is the writing has to be squeezed in at night, or into the crack of dawn. And actually I’ve never been particularly good at the crack of dawn. Thus candle-lit garret, midnight oil, and all those other clichés, here I come…and if I have a minute, before I turn into a pumpkin, over the next few nights, I might just let you into a secret or two about our move…and guess what? It was about as straightforward as a retrieving a corkscrew from the grips of a tarantula in a gorse bush…hence the celebratory glass of Pinot Grigio hasn’t quite made it into the glass…but more of that to come!

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