Sparks flying at Scarborough Flare…

What can I say? Scarborough Flare, Scarborough’s alternative literature festival, has sparked and roared and blazed away, and now is dying down for this year, leaving us all with a lovely warm glow. I was only able to attend a limited number of events, but those which I did attend were exciting and special, each in their own right (write?).  And I was chuffed that my workshop at the studio gallery seemed to get the creative juices going in such an amazing way – due, I have to say, to the immense talent in the room. The surroundings, with exhibitions of Marion Atkinson’s intricate and intriguing work and some fab photos from Tony Howson plus some exciting pieces by young artists, were an inspiration in themselves. Add to that a wonderfully warm and friendly welcome from gallery owner, Helen Birmingham, and there’s a recipe for instant fizz. Words, seascapes, thoughts, dark and light, with the help of a very small dog from Stuart Larner had us all both laughing and developing richness of language and idea enough to give me goose bumps. Already looking forward to next year!

4 thoughts on “Sparks flying at Scarborough Flare…”

  1. Thank you for your creative input. It was a grest event – helped by your creative input.
    Tony sfteam

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