Confessions of an addict…


Someone recently asked me how long I had been writing. My answer was, “Since I was sixteen”. But strictly speaking that isn’t true, because I remember making up fairy tales at primary school, and putting together my own Alphabet Book – not at school, but in my spare time, when my age was still in single figures. Yup. I became addicted to words very young. And I still haven’t kicked the habit!

Of course, I have published before, but my forthcoming (and first) pamphlet of poems seems to have been a long time in the making,. And in a sense, it embraces a lifetime of writing, from scenes in childhood, through experiences in different countries, to a kind of spiritual connection to people I’ve encountered along the way.

Thus I’m really excited about “Taking Responsibility for the Moon”, soon to be launched by the well-respected Teesside publisher, Mudfog.

Launch date: Sunday 19th October 4pm at the Taste of Arabia, Middlesbrough.

This is all part of a very exciting Teesside International Poetry Festival.

Come along and celebrate!

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