I just gave birth to a baby cauliflower!

At any rate, I might as well have done, such is the alacrity with which I head indoors to tell the Other One…and the gestation period has been almost as long.  You see, my gardening style is somewhat haphazard – it has to fit in with all the words that keep insisting on pouring out into endless word docs. As a consequence, the veg patch, including this cauliflower, has been neglected. Like all good farmers, I also blame the weather. Too cold, too dry, not enough sun.  However, here it is, small but perfectly formed, as they say. Almost as small as the two mangetouts here, which is the sum of today’s harvest.

cauliflower blog 003aIf we’re to rely on this self-sufficiency lark, looks like we might have to go on a diet. Except for one thing – I’m still not a bad hand at baking a loaf of bread…

cauliflower blog 005

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