Review: His lute is a time capsule…

My Lute is a Time Capsule by Dr Richard Wood. (published by Undead Tree Publications, 2016)

Ever tried to imagine what materials go into the making of a lute? Wood, of course. But Wood, the author, lets us into a deeper world of gossip and fascination when it comes to restoring such an historic instrument.

Wood’s collection of musings is a cornucopia of contemporary cuttings presented more or less as they were (or could have been) in real life during this talented individual’s forays into the craftsmanship of lining, and thereby reinforcing, the instrument’s delicate body . Through the centuries, any paper or strip of fine material could have been pasted inside the 2mm husk for robustness, resulting in a revealing body of social history and wit.

A perfect volume into which to browse, with anecdotes and short tales, leave it on a coffee table for a perfect companion with whom to while away an hour or so. Wood’s snippets range from wry conversational style to letters to the editor, both humorous and serious, some of which have been published previously in national newspapers. Topics vary broadly from jazz and the poisoning of Litvinenko through to the world’s biggest egg. Sociology and politics and just plain daftness add to a wonderful blend, all bound together by Wood’s unique glue!

Profits from sales of the book are donated to Freedom from Torture, so there’s a feel-good factor even before you start.

However, one word of advice: if you have any guests staying and leave a copy in the loo, don’t forget to cross your legs – you may have a long wait until they re-emerge!

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2 thoughts on “Review: His lute is a time capsule…”

  1. Hi Adrienne

    I’ve only just discovered that Whitby Nats has another writer and this ones a proper one rather than a part-time dabbler like me. I love your Cormorant poem dedicated to Seamus Heaney and will be working my way through your novels when I get the chance.

    Cheers Mike

    1. Hi Mike,
      Well, didn’t know you were a writer, too! We’ll have to compare writers’ notes sometime!

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