January/February 2011: Back to Blighty.

Our travels are over for the time being.  Back in Blighty our van requires some attention, and so do our relatives and friends. After Alberca’s slow pace, England is something of a shock – we take a 2 a.m. ferry crossing to Dover and join the madness of the British motorway…

Life in the Fast Lane…

fast, furious, frantic, faithless, river-flow, detritus, faster, faster…Fruitless?

 Fuming furnace, smoke in folds, folding futures, funnelling faithless,

feeding, fasting, starving, furious,

 fermenting, fomenting


One thought on “January/February 2011: Back to Blighty.”

  1. You don’t exactly sound ‘enthusiastic’ over your return. What a bummer. Here’s hoping it’s a short stay then.

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