La Alberca, January 2011…Back in Time…

Imagine yourself deep in the Spanish mountains, allow yourself to be shrouded in a mist of history…

… Moors and Romans, the Inquisition and the French, where St Anton’s pig wanders the streets and old women in near mediaeval clothes still swill their balconies into the street, and you will be in Alberca…

…the perfect place for walking, eating jamon (they’re certainly keen on their pork here) and….I nearly forgot, speaking English to Spaniards in return for board and keep ( as part of their total immersion programme in the English language. Met some fabulous people and it was a great experience, but can I ever look a pig in the face again?

One thought on “La Alberca, January 2011…Back in Time…”

  1. You guys are just having such a great time ! Congratulations. Here in Christchurch, New Zealand we have just seen the last of a huge number of family members return to the Uk after enjoying a ‘huge’ Christmas / Summer Holiday / Wedding … Graham ( our eldest child ) get married at the age of ( almost ) 24. It was a wonderful day for everyone involved … would send you a photo or two but can’t on this ‘blog’ … however will see if I can find your email address. All the best. JT

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