10th April 2011

OK, we’ve been here two days and we’ve already cycled miles, been to three different beach locations…

 explored the local Roman road and the nearest town ; time to get the walking boots out and walk up towards those mountains!

It’s a long distance path (Mare Mare, which we think means Coast to Coast) and our first route is blocked by a river and a broken bridge. However, we get round that one by a half-hour detour and go as far as a local well, Acqua Acuosa. Beautiful, like walking through the Garden of Eden with so many wild flowers, cyclamen, Aloe Vera, daisies, hawthorn, and lots I don’t know the names of!

We say good morning to several cows, sheep, lizards and extraordinarily large wood lice, also some lovely variegated thistles…

 and a rather dangerous looking bunch of – not grapes – but some sort of ivy berry.

This is where Eve and I part company – I ain’t even going near ‘em!

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