Ghisoni in the Rain, 30th April

It’s not just Ghisoni, which teeters at the top of a mountain pass, but Corsica in general that is suffering from a deluge. I have spent the morning offering psychologically therapies to inanimate objects – more specifically to Beanies, which sound like people but in fact are metal shelves painted red, which I am trying to clean. They have spent the winter in storage in some kind of muddy hole in the South of France and are coming out for the summer. You might think that they would be pleased about this, but in fact they are depressed. It’s raining, and as soon as I clean off their mud and rust I have difficulty convincing them that they will not become muddy and rusty again. They will never look nice, they say. I tell them that they must combat their low self-esteem by letting in their positive thoughts and thinking creatively. Some people might even find mud and rust attactive. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Terry and I decide, rain or no rain, to conquer the défilé des Strette – in the van, that is. It is very beautiful, despite the weather, but I’m afraid Ghisoni does not boast its finer points in a raging hurricane… It doesn’t even look as though it’s raining…

but I can assure you it is…


The only villager we encounter is this one:

…but there is evidence of life…there is a surfeit of cow pats all over the place, something to do with (my cultural attaché advises me, i.e. Terry) the number of abandoned animals which seem to roam around the place. There, I tell the Beanies when I get back, at least someone is trying to look after you…you should feel loved

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