Roaming amongst the Romans…

We haven’t been out for a while so decide to go up to Aleria to the site of the ancient Roman town. Interesting little museum if you like looking at old pots and jewellery (I do) and worth the 2 euros entrance. Then you can walk along the side to the actual site – another area where one lot of people have conquered another lot, conquering another lot – you can peel back the history like layers of onion… It is also very beautiful…which you may not say about onion…if you see what I mean…

There were one or two ancient relics there…

Could say this fella was a little blue in the face…

I think he’d had a few too many beers…but then it was rather hot….

2 thoughts on “Roaming amongst the Romans…”

  1. Hi guys … just been catching up with your travels and adventures … sounds great.

    Here in Christchurch we are still dealing with the aftermath of the three big earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks. Business is fine. Home is a bit battered but liveable … and haven’t slid down the hillside despite a week of ( 20 year event ) snowstorms.

    Heading to Exeter at the beginning of October for the opening of the first Clip ‘N Climb in Europe … … check out the video from Canada !

    All the best.

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