Sisters and Mistiness in Sari-Solenzara

A few hours off again and we drive up into the mountains to visit Sari-Solenzara. It’s a cooler day, but that means cloud: these towering rocks are cloaked in mist, but we make it to the Monastery where apparently five Sisters live and are amenable to any random discussion about the universe that might occur to you as you are passing…

The village of Sari is scruffily pleasant with some lovely looking houses and a couple of stray dogs that enjoy giving you a guided tour. There are views of the sea from outside the church, and half an hour’s walk up the lane is Monte Santu, the peak where you can go climbing or simply enjoy the views. We decide to come back on a clearer day – there’s a thunder storm threatening – instead, we opt for coffee on the harbour front followed by a swim at the “Beach of the Cows”…

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