Give us this day our daily blog…

Every New Year I resolve to keep a diary, write a few entries and then fail miserably…there’s always too much else to write! So seeing as it’s just past October 1st and not anywhere near New Year, I’m renewing my efforts to keep up my blog… This may or may not work, but let others be the judge of that!

I’ll begin with some Alternative Writing Tips

1. Do not attempt to use an electric hedge trimmer whilst recovering from a frozen shoulder. I was not a pretty sight yesterday (horrendous details censored). You may be wondering what hedge-trimming has to do with writing. Everything, I can assure you. Read on.

2. Do not be distracted from your writing by anything. And that means Anything. Including washing up, twitter, washing the kitchen floor, facebook, cat litter tray, emails, weeding, paid work, phone calls… oh, and hedge-trimming.

3. Stay focussed, and do not divert to writing a diary…


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