National Poetry Day

Well, I really have to, don’t I? What? Yes, you’ve guessed – post a poem for National Poetry Day…. it’s one I wrote for someone’s wedding…somehow the theme of love and relationships for today seem apt…. especially as I’m going over to Cleethorpes to join the Filter Festival… Stars in the Sand



Strange, how countless times a walk along the beach

fails to reveal that special stone which glints amongst the pebbles…

Perhaps at one time or another there have been sandcastles to build,

a run towards the water for a swim, or waves to watch –

or simply, a stroll in the breeze that carries honeysuckle scent

from cliff top hedgerows, lifting thoughts towards horizons…

Then, one day, strolling that way again, it catches your eye,

a dark stone, glistening, yet solid, and for you, it is the best, the most beautiful.


And so, sometimes, love grows, not in London, Africa, or Japan

or some other far-flung place, but close to home, by the sea

– though computer interface might reveal that possibility! –

And noticing at last that same shiny stone upon the beach

It becomes something enduring and exquisite

like a necklace with black stones set in silver, set for ever.

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