The Coffee Cow

cow-clipart-3There is no snow this morning. In this neck of the woods, were it woods, this is Big News. The sun is shining through the kitchen window, which makes me want to spend a great deal of time in the kitchen instead of being in my study where I should be. Writing, or dread of all dreads, Marketing.

Of course no one is holding a whip over me, telling me to get on with it, but the incentive is that I’m not quite sure where the next cup of coffee is coming from. Which, of course, is essential as I’m slaving over a hot laptop…But hang on a minute, I do know where the next coffee is coming from…it’s coming from the coffee cow that lives in the kitchen. And the kitchen is particularly sunny today, which is why I think, I’ll just pop down and see how the coffee cow is coming along… I wonder if I am going round in circles…

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