Too cold by half…

Yesterday a friend from abroad emailed and asked “which country are you in?” Which made me think. She is used to me not being in the same place for very long, and I have to confess the last time I saw her was probably in Corsica…or was it Germany? So, which country am I in? Physically, I have to confess it is England. But mentally…ah, mentally….where?

This cold weather and the grey skies certainly stimulate the wanderlust juices. Trouble is, I have it on good authority that it’s grey and freezing in the south of France, although relatives in Ireland goaded me this morning with tales of a cool but sunny walk along the beautiful northern coast.

Maybe I should just carry a torch around with me and shine it into my eyes as I walk along, so that I can imagine I am having to squint because of the sun. Or maybe I’ll just sit down and write a story based in a warm climate and pretend that I’m there…

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