A bit of tittle tattle…

I have just been to see the film Possession at Lincoln’s excellent Collection.  I’m not talking horror movies here, rather the older affair (2002, to be precise) directed by Neil LaBute after the AS Byatt novel of the same name. Yes, I’m a little bit slow with regard to getting round to these things. There is a link to Lincoln here, as some of it was filmed in Lincoln. And actually, I really enjoyed the film, although I could see that some might find it a little “mushy” to use a really intellectual phrase.  The most exciting part, though, was when the very annoying man sitting at the back with the loud voice decided to leave the auditorium at one of the most crucial points in the plot development. Not only did he leave noisily, but he also exited through a fire escape instead of the usual entrance, which set off the security alarm for several minutes, thereby causing most of the nail-biting audience to miss more vital detail. What’s more, on the way home, there was an enormous bang in the street which caused not only me but the people around me to jump at least two inches off the ground…creating an Unsolved Mystery. Never a dull moment in Lincoln.

As if that isn’t enough excitement for one day, I am now ensconced in the virtual writer of the month seat at Lincolnshire and Humber’s Dock website: http://www.thedock.info/category/featured-writer  New stuff being put up gradually over the whole of March….

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  1. Ha! Reminds me of a time I went to see a James Bond film in Mbale in Uganda. It was in an enormous colonial gothic building – like an Odeon, right down to the plush red velvet seats – rather less plush though, from years of wear and tear. There was no projector, just a television at the other end of the auditorium. It was turned up so loud that the sound was distorted so you couldn’t hear anything. Not that it mattered as everyone in front of me (and there were 100s) were cheering and shouting everytime 007 came on screen (I think it was Roger Moore). Then, from a side entrace, a man came in selling peanuts from a huge plastic bowl. He walked up and down between the seats, blocking the views and shouting ‘John! John!’. I never found out who John was.

    btw. Possession is one of my favourite books. Not the film.

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