Did you hear the one about the old piano?

Did I mention that when we moved into our house almost two years ago there was the remains of an old upright piano dumped outside the fence?

sculp piano 001a compressedWhat else can you do than use such an item to express yourself? I don’t think Beethoven would have been all that impressed, but I thought the metal structure would be just the thing for the new flower bed…

various incl sculp piano 042

So, with the help of some wooden stakes, we positioned it au centre

various incl sculp piano 043…and began to plant a few things around it…

various incl sculp piano 044 compressedRather foolishly, we removed the wooden soundboard, finding the visual aesthetic more pleasing without it. It meant that we lost the acoustic aesthetic. Nonetheless, the wind had a field day, and we ended up chaining the piano into place. We surrounded it with honeysuckle, clematis and poppies as unsolicited as most of my manuscripts…but right now it’s really beginning to take shape…that is, if you like rather unusual garden sculptures…piano 005 compressed piano 010a compressed

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