11th & 12th January 2011: dining out on Salamanca

We gorge ourselves on the delights of Salamanca, a beautiful city, and truly historic with a range of different architectural styles all within a relatively compact area – buildings made of warm yellow sandstone. For culture-junkies like me it’s like being at a buffet for Kings. For starters, there are three cathedrals rolled into one….


…and a great many small churches….

The central dish is the old centre of activities of the Plaza Mayor, where bullfights used to take place, amongst other things…

Surrounding this are plates of numerous interest such as the Casa de las Conchas whose walls are carved with shells and is supposedly one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in Spain…

Such a rich spread…

And lots of public art…

We think this guy was probably Columbus – he came to the university to try to persuade the authorities to back him in his exploratory adventures – unsuccessfully, apparently…

There is an excellent little Museo Art Nouveau y Art Deco housed in a building commissioned by one Don Miguel de Lis, an Art Nouveau enthusiast, and designed by the architect Don Joaquin de Vargas.

Of course, everything is washed down by a cup of coffee – yes, in the sun!

One thought on “11th & 12th January 2011: dining out on Salamanca”

  1. Great to catch up on your travels this morning. Salamanca looks glorious. Was in Istanbul for the world petanque championships in October last year and was blown away by the architecture and the layer upon layer of history.

    Happy new year and best wishes for the rest of your wonderful adventure.


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